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For Sale - Girl rabbit
Female Flemish giant 8 month old rabbit $60
Would consider trades for checker giants
Or male Flemish giant or male Californian
Posted: Thursday, July 24
For Sale - 55 gallon fish tank
We are moving and I want it gone ASAP!
55 gallon tank and stand. Has heater and 2 filters along with an LED light and has top cover. Fish rocks and decorations can come with if wanted.
Stand is VERY sturdy. Missing one door, however would be easy to fix for, but I have it turned towards the wall. Everything else is in great shape.
$400 obo
Cold Lake
Posted: Thursday, July 24
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For Sale - Rabbits
Full grown checkered Giant females. Very gentle.
Glendon area
Posted: Thursday, July 24
For Sale - 30 gal fish tank with stand
It has a crack in the glass on one side. it could be silicon ed or used for reptiles. $50
Rick Marchand
Posted: Thursday, July 24 (R)
For Sale - Ferret + Large Cage
Male. Neutered. Between 5 and 6 months old. Bought when 6 weeks old. Has all his shots. Energetic. Playful. Doesn't bite cables or chew on any household items; doesn't rip up paper! Been calling him Rodney, however he's not fully accustomed to it. Been socialized with a house cat, to whom he ignores, and a 5 year old dog, whom he plays with daily.
Comes with large cage. Lots of accessories.
Why am I selling him? I am going off to college soon.

Asking price is $200
Cold Lake
Posted: Thursday, July 24 (R)
For Sale - Lionhead baby bunnies
We have 4 lionhead baby bunnies for sale. They are ready to go. Males and females. Brown ones and white ones. Asking $10/each
Posted: Thursday, July 24 (R)
For Sale - Cage
Good quality cage I used it for my feret but it's a bit small for a feret good cage tho
Posted: Wednesday, July 23
For Sale - 55 gallon fish tank
55 gallon fish tank It has everything you need for a fresh water tank and also everything you need for a salt water tank I had both fresh and salt it's a really good Beautifull tank
Posted: Wednesday, July 23
For Sale - Fish Tank
30 Gallon Fish tank. $50 obo
Joanne de Vries
Cold Lake
Posted: Wednesday, July 23
For Sale - Fish Tanks
55 gallon tank with fish and stand. $150 obo
Joanne de Vries
Cold Lake
Posted: Wednesday, July 23
For Sale - Dwarf rabbit and factory hutch
Black and white dwarf rabbit.
Has been neutered. Is lots of fun.
Hutch is from Peavy Mart. Good condition.
Asking $190.00 for both or OBO.
Gordon Kumpula
Posted: Tuesday, July 22
For Sale - 30 gallon tank with a bunch of hermit crab accessories
Text or email for pics

Items are as follows

*30 gallon tank
*bran new light dome(with no bulb)
*there is a heat pad attached to bottom of tank
*hand full of crab shells of various sizes and designs
*some pre soaked coconut husk left over from last tank change as well as sand still in tank
*two water dishes which are still new
*one brand new food dish
*salt for there salt water
*water conditioner
*new food and hermit cookie packs
*water bottle for misting
*some tank decorations

I might have forgotten something but will send pics upon request.

serious inquires ONLY! most likely will NOT sell separately as I would like to have this out of my way soon.

note: no crabs go with set up!

Asking $150.00 OBO no low ballers as over half of the stuff is still new!

I live in the country so will meet only in Bonnyville for P/U.
miranda neill
Posted: Tuesday, July 22
For Sale - 40 gal fish tank
every thing included except the rocks asking 50.00 plants pumps air pump lid decorations even some fish if wanted .
Posted: Tuesday, July 22
For Sale - African Fat-Tail Geckos
These beautiful girls are 3 years old.
They are offered mealworms in a bowl dusted with calcium, which is kept in their enclosure 24/7. No crickets to deal with.
pic. 1: White-out morph - $100
pic. 2: Normal(50% het Oreo) - $50
pic. 3: Normal(50% het Oreo) - $50
pic. 4: Normal(50% het Oreo) - $50
Cold Lake
Posted: Tuesday, July 22 (R)
For Sale - fish tank, $150
not sure on exact size but its about 4 feet long, 1.5 feet deep and 2 feet tall, about 100 gallons, has 2 fish(see pictures) comes with table you see in picture and everything you see inside the tank
Posted: Tuesday, July 22 (R)
For Sale / Trade - baby zebra finchs (only 3 left)
I have 4 baby zebra finchs they hatched in the last week of may and some that just hatched. they don't have there colors yet should be in the next few weeks they are eating and drinking on there own.
Asking $10 each or $30 for the 4 or will trade for rabbits guinea pig ext.
Lac La Biche
Posted: Tuesday, July 22 (R)
For Sale - Assorted reptile and fish supplies
Reptile tanks:
12" x 12" x x12" Extoterra - $20
36"L x 12.5"W x 18.5"H aqauriums (36 US Gallons) - $20 each - 2 available
20" x 10" x 12" aquarium (10 US Gallons) - $10

(8) 48" x 23" x 11" PVC snake cages with full length plexiglass doors, perfect for boas and other snakes, 7 black, 1 white. $100 each or all 8 for $700

2 reptile heat lamps $10 each
2 reptile deep heat lamps $10 each (designed for 150+ Watt mercury vapur UV/heat bulbs)
undertank heat pad - $5

Fish Tank:
5 Gallon with light hood and aquaclear filter $25

Battle ship - $5
Stump - $5
Ampetheater ruins - $5
or all 3 for $10
Joseph Elliott
Posted: Tuesday, July 22 (R)
For Sale - Habitrail home and hamster accessories
Pink hamster habitrail, blue bedding, feed, salt licks, chewy fruit stick and treats! Only used for two days ! Great condition and only slightly used 60$ obo
Texts please - 780-815-1761
amber mckeeman
cold lake, north
Posted: Monday, July 21
For Sale / Give away - Bunny
He's really good with kids and really tame has never bitten anyone 15$ with food and shavings include he's a lion head bunny email me at or 587-201-2635

Name optional
Bonnyville ab
Posted: Monday, July 21
For Sale - Guppies
Selling some of my guppies as I have a ton

Asking 2.50 per guppy
They come in all different colours very beautiful fish to watch grow easy starter fish and easy to breed if your looking for a little colony of fish :)

Text only please thanks
Pictures were taken from my tank

Females are come in a colour of leopard print blue or yellow some hi lights of pink in he tail
Males come in a variety
Fry (babies) they are a fun mystery to watch grow
Cold lake
Posted: Monday, July 21
For Sale - Small animal pen
Selling a 3' x 4' hand built pen for a small animals. 3 Clear plastic sides and painted mural on the back. Open top. Lightly chewed. Suitable for rabbits, gerbils or other small animals. Best offer.
Jennifer Corkum
Cold Lake
Posted: Monday, July 21
For Sale - Black 1.5 gallon plastic hexagon sided Aquarium
This plastic 1 and a half gallon hexagon aquarium includes the top black canopy with light bulb, air pump, blue and pink gravel, plastic plant, castle and one goldfish. I just cleaned the tank so you will need to buy the replaceable filtration carbon cartridge that fits into the green holder on the tank side. Asking $10. I will also give you another plastic aquarium with a pink lid shown in the second picture.
Cold Lake
Posted: Monday, July 21
For Sale - snake habitat
comes with
-heating lamp
-water dish
-heating pad
-wood chips
-screen top cover
-and tank (believed to be a 30 gallon

asking $40
Chris & Pam Casson
4 Wing Cold Lake
Posted: Monday, July 21
For Sale - Pet safe dog run
Pet safe dog good condition call or text to come view asking $150 obo
Cold lake
Posted: Monday, July 21
For Sale - Fish Tank Decoration $4
Never used
Cold Lake South
Posted: Monday, July 21