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For Sale - wire cages
We have several wire cages for sale. The small cages measure 36"(L) x 21"(W) x 16"(H). The large cages are 12'(W) x 3'(deep) x 5'(H). The large ones have three rooms with swing doors and wire floors. Please phone or email for more info or prices
Posted: Wednesday, October 22
Check the Service Directory for pets, kennels, pet supplies, etc - or use the Search on the right side of this page. If you are a pet provider, please Get Listed.
Give away - Free Stuff
Several items. Bird, rabbit and dog cages. terrariums. and much more.
Glendon area
Posted: Wednesday, October 22
For Sale - 2 Ferrets and Cage
I have two ferrets a male and a female for sale as well as a 5 tier cage. Comes with all their toys, food, sprays etc. Please text me for pictures. Asking 250 OBO
Posted: Wednesday, October 22
For Sale - Small animal cage
This cage was used for a small rabbit, but would be good for any small animal.

Looking to get $20.

If interested please call or text me.
Posted: Wednesday, October 22
For Sale - Pet Taxi
Pet kennel for sale. Would fit a cat or small dog. Perfect condition. Cat included. Asking $20.00. For more info please use contact form or text to 780-812-0180
Posted: Wednesday, October 22 (R)
For Sale - Gold fish and Glass tank
Two goldfish for sale comes with Chi glass tank and castle.
Included are all accessories and cleaning kits for maintenance.
Great for kids. Asking $40 for everything.

780 812-2721
Or text 780 573-4424
Darin Lorenson
Bonnyville Beach
Posted: Wednesday, October 22 (R)
For Sale - Hedge Hog
Two year old hedgehog for sale comes with large cage, heat lamp and all accessories.
Will sell everything for $100. We just want her to go to a good home.

780 812 2721
Or text 780 573 4424
Darin Lorenson
Bonnyville Beach
Posted: Wednesday, October 22 (R)
For Sale - Moving Sale- Female Ball Python
Approx 4yr old ball python, 3ft long, eats live feed. Asking $150 for just the snake
$250 for the tank with decorations, and heat lamps.
For $475 I'll give you everything including the monsoon self water, plus your choice of 10 live feeder mice or two pairs of breeding mice with cages.
Kari Lavoie
Posted: Wednesday, October 22 (R)
For Sale - 2 ferrets
Selling a male and female ferret. They need to go together as they've bonded. Both are fixed and de-scented. They're litter trained and very friendly.They unfortunately do not come with a cage but they will come with their litter box, food dish, water bottle, shampoo, scen spray and hammocks. Asking $200
Cold Lake, AB
Posted: Tuesday, October 21
For Sale - Adorable FEMALE rabbit
Missie is a black, white and brown female rabbit who comes with her cage, some bunny food and bedding for $60 obo. Want her to go to a GOOD home and serious inquiries ONLY!! Need gone by the 24th of Octomber!
Posted: Tuesday, October 21
Give away - African Cichlids
I still have some African Cichlids remaining to give away. Looking to down size back to a single oscar. Fish range from 1-5 inches, all get along well. Colors are yellow/black, yellow, blue/black, white, black, albino. Ready to be picked up. call or text please 780-545-8095
Iron River
Posted: Tuesday, October 21
For Sale - 2 Geckos with Everything Included
One albino gecko and one leopard gecko for sale. Both come with a tank of their own which includes heat lamps, hiding rocks and water dishes. Asking $200. Have new baby and no time for geckos. Prefer text. Thanks!
Cody or Alexis
Posted: Tuesday, October 21 (R)
For Sale SOLD! - Pair of Sugar Gliders
Come from reputable breeder in Edmonton, both females and come with genealogy reports. Everything you need including cage and all accessories, enough dry food and supplements to last approx. a year. 1 is just over 1 year old and the second is around 6 months old. Asking $1000.00 for everything
Geoff Campbell
Iron River
Posted: Tuesday, October 21 (R)
For Sale - birdcage
birdcage - $20
Posted: Tuesday, October 21 (R)
For Sale - birdcage
birdcage - $30 Reduced to $20.00
Posted: Tuesday, October 21 (R)
For Sale - Small fish tank and supplies for sale
MAKE ME AN OFFER! This is a perfect full kit for a kids room or a small apartment, this kit comes with everything you need except fish and water. This includes the tank with lid and light two different back scenerys, twelve pounds of blue rock and a few bigger rocks for decoration, three different plants. Two ornaments one ship and one old car, also includes an air pump whit a bubble maker, the rock cleaner, small fish net , and a zip lock full of different foods and water purifiers. For anymore info give me a Call or text 780 227 3457 or email me at thanks
Tylor Caouette
Posted: Monday, October 20
For Sale - Cockatiels
We have 3 cockatiels for sale. One female, her name is Skittles and she is 4 years old. Two males, one is named Ernie and he is 4 years old and the other is Pebbles, he is 11 years old. They all hand raised from the day they were born and very healthy. I have there cages,food, bedding material and assorted accessories for sale.I also have their cage stand/table that matches their cages for sale.
Please click on pictures for prices.Willing to sell as a package deal or separately. Please call and we'll talk.
Linda Bordeleau
Posted: Monday, October 20
Give away - Male guinea pig
3 year old male guinea pig seeking a family with children old enough to play with and not squish him. Preference to a family that will get him another male cage mate as guinea pigs are social animals and do better in pairs. He had a cage mate that passed away. Guinea has been vet checked and is healthy. He weighs 1 kilogram.
Loves guinea food with treats in it and does not care for just pellets. Loves Timothy hay,, fruits and vegetables.
A good web page on guinea pigs is cavy spirit. He was thought to be an Abyssinian guinea pig but has slightly longer hair.

We got him when our daughter was 17 and she lost interest fast. We have kept him a couple years but to be fair he should be with a family that will let him out to play, watch tv and socialize.
He comes with his cage and anything we have for him.
Mike and Heather
Cold Lake South
Posted: Monday, October 20 (R)
For Sale - Coral/Gravel,stones for fish tank + Castle decor + fake plants
cream white colour coral / tank gravel (3 large bags from pet store) 90 bucks worth as well as tank rocks for sale or trade for community fish (mollies/gourami) etc
medium/large Rome like stadium decor for tank
call or text
cold lake
Posted: Monday, October 20 (R)
For Sale - Leopard gecko with everything included !! Asking 300 Obo was asking 400
I have a 1 year old leopard gecko for sale with everything she has (20G tank, two hideouts, food , bug tongs, two watering bowls, two heat lamps,tank stand/cubby, moss, basket that holds all her items, decor climbing rock, basking rock, heating pads, meal worms, calcium powder, crickets, ect

She loves to be held and when she sees you near her tank she pops out of her hideout and comes strait to the glass to visit she's an awesome pet and Christmas is just a couple months away she has beautiful colours (yellow orange purple tail sometimes green/blue after she sheds she's a perfect reptile

love her to death but between school, work and my other animals I deprive her of the time she deserves asking 300 was asking 400 paid about 700 in value

Text for more info/ pictures if wanted
226-455-7920 or 780-201-1145
Cold lake
Posted: Monday, October 20 (R)
For Sale - Bird Cage
This bird cage comes with a stand. Excellent condition. Perfect size for 2 Budgies. Give me an offer?
Posted: Sunday, October 19
For Sale - Leopard gecko with everything you need for him
$100 for everything. ( 2 yr old gecko, terrarium , heat lamp, hideout , food and water bowls, cricket container and more. ).
Courtney Popik
Posted: Sunday, October 19
For Sale - 3 bunnies *1 LEFT, LIONHEAD*
ages 5 months, 5.5 months and 3 years.

2 are Dwarfs, and the other is a Lionhead

all females.

$10 each

email or text for pics
Fort kent
Posted: Sunday, October 19
For Sale - Small wire pet cage - $10
Small black wired pet cage - $10
Cold Lake North
Posted: Sunday, October 19
For Sale - Doves and pigeons
I have 30 doves and pigeons for sale I am asking $10 each , call or text me at 780 632 5672
Abe Friesen
Posted: Sunday, October 19