Since 2003, InfoMall is your Community Portal - an online Community Directory helping you find the goods and services you need to enhance your life. InfoMall emulates a mall or center for community businesses, organizations and services in a web portal. Think of InfoMall as a shopping mall with a number of shops, where you may browse for the services you want - and have fun at a permanent flea market called the Trading Post!

For your convenience, organizations and businesses are organized alphabetically in the Business Directory and by category in the Service Directory. Please choose from the navigation selections at the top of the page. Both of these Directories have a Search Feature to help you locate information more quickly.

InfoMall information is updated regularly by the member organizations. Member organizations have a "Subscribe" button on their pages. Following the instructions there will allow you to subscribe to their site so that you are advised by email of any additions or changes that they make. This is a free service that allows you to keep up to date about any organization in which you are particularly interested.

Member organizations post community activities and events. Check these out by clicking the "Events Calendar" on the menu bar above.

The features above provide information about the services offered by businesses and organizations. The Trading Post provides an opportunity for personal use to help us reduce-reuse-recycle. Here you can place ads for such things as lost or found items, or to buy, sell, trade. It changes daily, so check it often.

InfoMall is intended to support your community. Thank you for using this tool. Please let us know the features you find most useful, and suggestions to make it easier for you.