Elite Education Tutor

English Language Arts, Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies Tutor.

I do in-person and/or online sessions for your convenience.

I am a certified teacher offering tutoring in:

I work with students of all ages from pre-kindergarten to college and university. With young students, my goal is to increase foundational skills in all subjects or where reinforcement is needed. I also work with older students in more specialized areas to increase their subject-specific knowledge. Additionally, I work with college and university students to help them with admission and course papers and essays. Lastly, I work with adults who may require help in secondary and post-secondary courses as well as those who would like to learn or improve their English speaking and language skills  

I offer tutoring in Reading, Writing, Spelling, English Language Arts, the Sciences, and Social Studies at all levels. I tutor in Math up to grade 9 as well as in some high school courses. I have been working as a tutor in these areas for several years, and my students have seen a great deal of success. 

I have over ten years of experience in teaching at elementary, middle school, high school, and university/college levels. I am regarded as an expert in my field, and my students have consistently exceeded the provincial average on PDEs and PATs. I have also been repeatedly selected to be a lead diploma exam marker, supervisor, and standards confirmer for Alberta Learning; therefore, I know exactly what markers are looking for and how students should study and structure their work to do well. 

I love teaching and working with students. Please give me a call or text or email me if I can make school easier for you! 

AddressCold Lake, AB