Elite Education Tutor

English Language Arts, Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies Tutor. I do in-person and/or online sessions for your convenience.

I am a certified teacher offering tutoring in any level of English or Language Arts, improving literacy, diploma and provincial examination preparation and review, writing essays, narratives, reports, reviews, resumes, etc., improving reading comprehension, S.A.T. preparation, learning English as a second language, and online tutoring. I work with young students to increase literacy and fluency, as well as older students to improve their writing and reading comprehension. Additionally, I work with college and university students to help them with admission and course papers and essays.

I also offer tutoring in Math, Science, and Social Studies up to grade 8. I have been working as a tutor in these areas for several years, and my students have seen a great deal of success in these subjects as well. Be it an issue with understanding content, maintaining motivation, or just a general lack of comfort with the subject, I can help students overcome these obstacles and more, so that they feel confident and secure in approaching the tasks at hand.

Additionally, I have over ten years of experience in teaching at elementary, middle school, high school, and university/college levels. I am regarded as an expert in my field, and my students have consistently exceeded the provincial average on PDEs and PATs. I have also been repeatedly selected to be a lead diploma exam marker as well as a standards confirmer for Alberta Learning; therefore, I know exactly what markers are looking for and how students should study and structure their work to do well. 

I have done substantial research on how students learn and what they need to understand concepts. I believe my success rests upon the achievements of my students, and I have helped numerous people reach their goals. 

I love teaching and working with students. Please give me a call or text or email me if I can make school easier for you!

AddressCold Lake, AB