Alberta Brain Injury Network

Serving St. Paul and surrounding communities in the north east region



To provide support, coordination, and outreach services to adults (18+) who require assistance to identify and obtain the community supports and services needed as a result of their brain injury.  The service also provides assistance to families and support networks in their efforts to support individuals with an acquired brain injury.  The service is designed to achieve the following long term outcomes for individuals:


The coordinator works with the Survivor and/or family to identify personal goals to work toward.  These goals are unique to the survivor, dependent on their need.  The coordinator will then connect the survivor with the service that will best help them take steps toward their goal.

The survivor and coordinator continue to check in every few months to review goals, evaluate progress and set new goals as needed.

Service Eligibility:

Adult survivors of acquired brain injury are eligible.  Services will also be offered to the survivor’s family and support network as required to meet the survivor’s needs. 

Referral Procedure:

Referrals are received by the coordinator from survivors, family members, medical and mental health professionals, social workers and other interested parties.  Medical documentation of injury must be provided.  If you do not have medical documentation we can work with you to obtain the documentation.

Supports for Community Living Services (SCLS) 

SCLS provide independence training and assistance to adults who have sustained a brain injury.  An emphasis is placed on developing and learning daily living skills to promote and maximize each individual’s independence. 

The objective of the SCLS program is to:


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