Pink Zebra Consultant

We are a home decor company, specializing in fragrances. Products include potent, scented wax for wax warmers, scented candles, scented jewelry, scented go-cards (go-cards work good for car air fresheners, gym bags, and dresser drawers, and much more), scented stuffed animals, and scented ornaments for each season. Pink Zebra also sells wax warming systems, which have interchangeable shades to suit your decor, without buying multiple warmers; and accent shades to transform your warmers into luxurious seasonal or personal decorative pieces! Pink Zebra uses soy-based wax and is hypoallergenic.
We offer cash and carry—no shipping, no tax. Receive your product immediately instead of waiting for it to be shipped.
We offer at-home parties, book parties, virtual/online parties with chances to win free products, or combination parties—virtual/at-home party.
We offer sprinkle bars for at home parties or events (weddings, birthdays, etc)
We value every customer and give them deals exclusive to our own business—you may not receive these deals from other Pink Zebra consultants.
We offer delivery to your door.
We do fundraising program.
We want our customers to enjoy their products. We guarantee to maximize their buying experience! We are extremely passionate about the products. We sell because we love the product! Making money is a bonus!
WE ARE LOOKING TO RECRUIT INDEPENDENT CONSULTANTS! If you are interested in starting a home business at minimal cost, creating your own hours, and earning extra cash, then join our team! Open to anyone in Canada and the US. Pink Zebra is new to Canada (October, 2017). We are on the ground floor of a multi-level marketing company. We are looking for team members who love scented wax and who want to have fun! We offer mentoring and will help you to market your business. We offer incentives to our team members. Contact me for more information! EZPZ!!!

AddressPierceland, SK
ContactKindra   306‑240‑0866  
Karen Yurko   306‑839‑7208