Personal Trainer/Holistic Nutrition

My passion for health & wellness all started 4 years ago. I’ve always LOVED the fitness community the motivational, inspiration others give to each other WE ARE all in it together right? This has made me want to inspire others and help others achieve their goals. So I decided to open up my own small business called Sweaty•Sassy•Beauty, offering nutritional, training & life coaching, it was such a surreal moment that I was bringing my vision to life, scared me but excited me ALL at the same time. I couldn’t believe something I dreamed for was finally becoming reality. I’m here to share my knowledge, my tremendous amount of passion for this community and lifestyle that has become my own journey. I want to help you on your journey as well and for you to be apart of the team, myself being the one to help you succeed in the areas you need a helping hand in. Let me help YOU.

I have my holistic nutrition, personal training, strength conditioning, bodybuilding, and youth fitness certificate.

AddressBonnyville, AB
Phone604 306 4783
ContactStephanie Robinson