Chicken Coops

I will be building chicken coops this spring if anybody is interested. Coops can be completely custom and they can either be mobile or stationary. I can build any size and the coop is specifically built to allow the chickens to graze and to be maintenance free. The homemade feeder and waterers lasts well over 2 weeks (depending on flock size) and the coop is self cleaning! The chickens will eat all you kitchen scraps, pick at the bugs and vegetation outside and give you fresh eggs daily! These coops are not designed for the good months. The coop can be moved to fresh grass at any time as well.

The concept is to ‘rent’ the chickens from local farmers during the nice months and return them to a insulated coop for the winter. Contact me if interested. I can send a good video tour of the sample coop I’ve built.

AddressMallaig, AB