Psychic Medium

Able to connect with angels, nature and animal spirits, deceased people’s souls, or souls about to be born, in addition to channelling psychic information about a situation or relationship.

Every effort will be made to connect with your deceased loved one or angel of your choice, however the Spirit Guides are in control of who I connect with specifically, so another loved one may come through at the time, or an angel may intervene with a message, for example.

Consultations can include information about the past, present, and future; past lives included. Information can also be retrieved from the Akashic Records. Spirit can make recommendations about certain situations, but the final decisions are by your free will.

To schedule an appointment, please text or call 1-587-779-8739, thank you.

All readings will be done via a voice call, after electronic payment is received to confirm your appointment.

AddressAshmont, AB