Royal Aspen Rabbitry

I am setting up a waitlist for Meat Rabbit colony starter kits for 2024. Perfect if you’re looking to starting a colony to provide meat and/or fur for you and your family.

These kits start at a base price of $100 with 1 buck and four does (price may increase depending on rabbits offered). These rabbits will be various meat breeds, all of which that are bred and chosen for production, temperament, health, and durability. This also comes with a guarantee that I’ll take back these rabbits in the event that they can no longer be cared for, or work with you in the event that an exchange or replacement is needed; as well as have open communication throughout the process of getting these rabbits to you, and afterwards.

Rabbits are one of the most sustainable animals to raise on a homestead. They’re extremely prolific, growout to butcher weight fast, have the added byproduct of fur, and have meat that is extremely similar to chicken. That being said like any animal they require research, especially when being raised in a colony.

I am extremely flexible with what this kit offers, and want to tailor these rabbits to what your specific needs are. If this interests you, please text or email me so we can discuss, I do not answer phone calls.

AddressLa Corey, AB
ContactCal Zijlstre