784 (Diamond Jubilee) Wing, Air Force Association of Canada

pic_of_air_force_association-thumb-128.jpgThe Royal Canadian Air Force Association is a national not-for-profit aerospace and community service organization established to commemorate the noble achievements of the men and women who have served as members of Canada's Air Forces since its inception. The Association was formed in May 1948 as a national advocacy group to support the Royal Canadian Air Force, and to unite Air Force veterans of the Second World War. The Association works to connect Canadians, their parliamentarians, their air force decision makers, and their aerospace industry experts to help ensure Canada fields the best air force possible, They advocate for a proficient and well-equipped air force; and support the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program. They also encourage young Canadians to develop an active interest in an aerospace career through programs like the Yellow Wing program. Its other aims & objectives are to participate in local civic & community programs identified by the Wings, to undertake charitable & other projects of both a national & local chapter & to recognize achievements in civil & military aviation through the annual awards of the Association. There are currently 6,372 members in the Association of which 3,739 members belong to 54 local Wings across Canada & 2 International Wings while another 2,633 more serve as members-at-large.

Six Groups make up the major administrative formations within the Association. They are: Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies, Alberta & Pacific. Wings are under the jurisdiction of the Group in which they are geographically located. There are 5 Wings in Alberta: 784 Wing Cold Lake, 700 Wing Edmonton, 783 Wing Calgary, 703 Wing Red Deer & 702 Wing Lethbridge. Cold Lake & Lethbridge are the only Wings in Alberta that have quarters.

784 (Diamond Jubilee) Royal Canadian Air Force Association, also called 784 Wing, has been the local chapter in Cold Lake since 1984. It is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping our local community. A private club, run by volunteers, we provide funding to the local 664 Cold Lake Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, scholarships to local High School graduates & other local community causes on a case by case basis. Please see current donations at bottom of page. To become a member, you need not be affiliated with the Armed Forces or the Department of National Defence. If you believe in a strong Air Force, both military and civil, then you belong with us likeminded folks. Our entire membership is proud of our past, present and future commitments in making community life here in Cold Lake a much nicer and productive one.

We have been in our present location in the old town hall since November 2002 & we currently have 99 members.

Cost of yearly membership is $50 single ($49 for Association membership & $1 for 784 Wing) for the virtual magazine & $55 single ($54 for Association membership & $1 for 784 Wing) for the hard copy of the magazine. Dual memberships are $85 ($83 for Association membership & $2 for 784 Wing) for the virtual magazine & $90 ($88 for Association membership & $2 for 784 Wing) for the hard copy of the magazine Membership year is from 01 July - 30 June.

Costs are prorated for new members. Prorated fees for NEW MEMBERS are:

September - Single is $37 (virtual magazine) or $42 (hard copy magazine) & $72 (virtual magazine) or $77 (hard copy magazine) for Dual.

October - Single is $32 (virtual) or $37 (hard copy) & $67 (virtual) or $72 (hard copy) for Dual.

From November 2019 to June 2020 Single is $31 (virtual) or $36 (hard copy) & $66 (virtual) or $71 (hard copy) for Dual.

Association & Wing Membership (applications available in the Wing):

1. At the time of application for membership, the applicant is becoming a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association. If that is all they want, they may join as a Member at Large (MAL). They apply directly to the national office in Ottawa where the yearly single membership is $49.00 which includes a virtual subscription to the Air Force Magazine, approximately $20.00 or $54,00 for a hard copy of the magazine. The magazine comes out quarterly.


2. If the applicant wishes to be a member of a Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association, in addition to the national fee of $49 or $54 which is collected & forwarded to National Headquarters on behalf of each Wing member, the individual Wings may add their own fee to assist with the operation of the Wing. Wing fees are set by the individual Wing Executive Councils.

3. In most Wings there are 3 or 4 "classifications" of membership however, at 784 Wing, we only have one classification: regular.

They all follow the national criteria. All members shall subscribe to fully maintain, support and follow the official aims and objectives of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association.




Royal Canadian Air Force Association: http://airforce.ca/ (Please note the website is still under construction.)

RCAF Association Newsletter: http://www.multibriefs.com/briefs/rcaf/

Air Cadet League of Canada: www.aircadetleague.on.ca/

Veterans’ Affairs Canada: http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng

Bomber Command Museum of Canada: http://www.bombercommandmuseum.ca/

Royal Canadian Legion: http://www.legion.ca/who-we-are/

Valour Place: is a temporary home away from home for all Canadian Forces members, Families of the Fallen, Veterans & RCMP along with their families who require medical treatment in Edmonton, and live outside the city/area. http://valourplace.ca/



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784 WING DONATIONS - 2021/2022


2) Cold Lake Legion Poppy Fund - $75 (NOVEMBER)

3) 664 Cold Lake Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron - $3,500 (JANUARY)




Mon - Sun 11AM - 1PM

Fri 4PM - 8PM


Fridays 5:30PM - 8PM

ATM available


The Wing is available to book your special PRIVATE event.


Kitchen facilities & bartenders are available.

We are all volunteers here at the wing. Therefore, there is no cost for bartenders but we do accept gratuities.

We can provide catering but you may also cater in or do potluck.

Bring in your own DJ\band or plug your laptop\ipod into our awesome sound system to play your own music & to dance the night away.

Whatever will make your party a fun & successful event!!!

Rental Costs: Non-refundable $50 fee for Members or $100 non-refundable fee for Non-Members.

A $100 refundable deposit is required for a cleaning fee.

If the facilities are cleaned by noon the following day or as per arrangement, your deposit will be refunded in full or in part.

Cleaning includes vacuuming & returning chairs & tables to original positions.

If kitchen facilities are utilized a $100 non-refundable fee will also apply.

We can seat up to 75 people comfortably in the main area upstairs or downstairs for larger parties & 25 people in the side room area for smaller parties.

We are wheel chair accessible.

Please call the Wing at (780) 594-6175 or send us an email if you want to book your:

Christmas party, professional development day, birthday party, retirement luncheon, baby shower, wedding reception,

anniversary party, promotion party, staff party, Friday afternoon beer call or any other type of party you can think of.

Drop by the Wing to see what we can do for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!


Address5319 ‑ 48 Ave
Cold Lake, AB
T9M 0K9
ContactTim Balazs - 784 Wing Chair 
Evelyn LaPratt - Public Relations