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Let me help you with any of your canine requirements whether it be training, behaviour modification, handling, walking, socializing. I am a balanced trainer relying most heavily on positive reinforcement.

I specialize in general obedience training. I work hard to achieve calm, well mannered, balanced dogs responsive to your commands. I will work with you at the end of the training period to ensure you have have all the knowledge and skills required to grow your bond with your dog for continuing success. 

I train according to a method I call my walk/train method. This method allows me to spend a maximum amount of time working with your dog on a daily basis.

The following 10 points are the training objectives for the majority of the dogs I train for general obedience.

1. Accepting a friendly stranger-dog allows a friendly stranger to approach and speak to the handler in a natural, everyday manner.

2. Politely accepts petting-demonstrates the dogs ability to allow a friendly stranger to pet it while out with the handler.

3. Out for a walk-demonstrates the ability of a dog to walk politely on a loose leash as well as the handlers ability to control the dog  

4. Walking through a crowd-dog demonstrates ability to walk politely beside the handler in pedistrian traffic while remaining under control at all times  

5. Sit/Down on command and stay in place (long line)-dog demonstrates ability to respond to the handlers command to sit and down and to remain in place on command  

6. Come when called (long line)-demonstrates the dogs ability to come when called by the handler.

7. Praise/Interaction-dog demonstrates that he can be easily calmed following play or praise.

8. Reaction to passing dogs-dog demonstrates polite behaviour while in the presence of other dogs.

9. Reaction to distractions-dog demonstrates confidence at all times when faced with common visual and auditory distractions found in every day life, such as loud traffic, sudden open or closing of doors, strollers, walker, canes, etc.

10. Supervised isolation-dog demonstrates ability to be left alone wherever and with whoever maintaining a calm acceptance of the situation.


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