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Update on new industrial hemp regulations via Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance.

The following notification from Health Canada was received by the CHTA on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. It is being distributed to CHTA members for their information. This notice is for informational purposes only. The CHTA makes no claim as to its accuracy or authenticity. Any actions taken, or decisions made based on this information, are at the full risk of the reader.
From Health Canada…
The purpose of this letter is to provide holders of a licence or an authorization under the Industrial Hemp Regulations (IHR 1998) with information on the Act respecting cannabis and to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Criminal Code and other Acts (the Cannabis Act) and its regulations and what to expect when industrial hemp transitions under the new Act.

The Cannabis Act and its regulations
On June 21, 2018, Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, received Royal Assent. The Government has announced that the Act will come into force on October 17, 2018. The Cannabis Act creates a strict framework for controlling the production, distribution, sale and possession of cannabis in Canada, including hemp.
We are pleased to inform you that regulations supporting the Cannabis Act have now been approved and will come into force on the same day as the Cannabis Act. A copy of the new Industrial Hemp Regulations (IHR 2018) is attached to this message. For your reference, copies of the other regulations that support the Cannabis Act are also provided. The regulations will soon be published in Canada Gazette Part II.
When the Cannabis Act and its regulations come into force, cannabis will be removed from Schedule II of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). In addition, the regulations that pertain to cannabis will be repealed, and references to cannabis in the Narcotic Control Regulations will be removed. This includes the Industrial Hemp Regulations (IHR 1998) which will be replaced by the IHR 2018.

What will change when the new Industrial Hemp Regulations come into force?
The following is a summary of the changes that will apply when the new IHR come into force on October 17, 2018: 

What do I need to do right now?
For the moment there is nothing that you need to do.
Upon coming into force of the Cannabis Act and its regulations on October 17, 2018, licence holders undertaking activities with industrial hemp will be able to continue those activities through transitional provisions outlined in the Act. Until that time, the IHR 1998 under the CDSA continue to apply.

Your licence expiry date remains the same (March 31, 2019).

For those who hold an authorization under the IHR 1998 please note that seed sampling, transportation and harvesting activities no longer require an authorization.

Requests for import and export permits should continue to be sent to
The Notification of Cultivation should continue to be sent to
Any questions related to your current hemp licence should be sent to
For any questions regarding the Cannabis Act, the IHR 2018 or the Cannabis Regulations please contact
What do I need to do to renew my IHR licence?
In the fall of 2018, Health Canada will release an Industrial Hemp Licence Application Guide that will include information on how to complete an application for a new licence in the Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System, a new online system that will allow you to submit and view the progress of your application(s).
Health Canada will advise you when this guidance is released. Subsequently, licence holders will be able to complete an online application for a new licence.
Please note that in the coming weeks and months, additional information for industry will continue to be made available at
Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Branch
Health Canada
Russ Crawford

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance

Communities in Bloom (CIB)

The St. Paul & District Chamber of Commerce has the pleasure of being part of the Communities In Bloom (CIB) Committee for the second year. Based on CIB's visit to our community each year, they provide feedback and recommendations on how the community can make positive improvements ranging from beautification, environmental action, community involvement, etc.. This year the CIB Judges will be travelling around our community on August 1, 2018.

This is an opportunity to showcase our community AND it is an opportunity to showcase our businesses. I would be thrilled to share your successes with CIB. Please give me a call or send me an email letting me know what your business is doing to improve our community. This can be anything from beautification (tidiness, landscaping, displays, etc.), environmental action (reduce, reuse, recycle, water conservation, energy conservation, etc.), community involvement (support a cause, provide resources, sponsorship etc.), or heritage conservation (buildings, natural sites, landscapes, activities). This information will be compiled for the pre-package info presented to the Judges prior to their visit and any information / submission is required prior to June 30, 2018.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to give me a call or email.


Below is a link to a Tourism funding opportunity.  Excerpts:

The Tourism Growth Innovation Fund (TGIF) is a project-based grant program that aims to support economic growth and improve quality of life in communities across Alberta. TGIF has 2 streams: Destination Development Support, Product Development Support

Destination Development Support will fund up to $75,000 of eligible project costs. Applicants must contribute 25% of the total project cost. For projects with costs greater than $100,000, the applicant must cover the remaining balance.

Product Development Support will fund up to $75,000 of eligible project costs. Applicants must match funding. For projects with costs greater than $150,000, the applicant must cover the remaining balance.

Applications accepted every year during the following periods:  April 1 - 30,  October 1 - 31

Please click this link for all the details........

Alberta Chambers of Commerce

Alberta business responds to the Alberta Budget 2018. Ken Kobly, President and CEO Alberta Chambers of Commerce


The Chamber is working hard to provide value and be responsive to the needs of the business community...have something to share or feedback to give? Give the Chamber office a call at 780-645-5820. The Chamber is a reflection of the business community which engages in it.

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