St. Paul and District Chamber of Commerce

10 Great Reasons to be a Member

  1. Credibility:

    Consumers believe in the Chamber.

  2. Networking:

    Business to Business mixers provide the opportunity to make business contacts and meet new acquaintances. Networking is essential to every business.

  3. Group Insurance Plan:

    Canada's #1 plan for employee benefits for firms with 1 - 50 employees. Comprehensive benefit packages available with guaranteed coverage and stability.

  4. Professional Development:

    Seminars and workshops designed to inform and educate members to every aspect of business.

  5. Business Directory:

    List of all businesses and services in St. Paul which provides an effective reference source and promotes "Shop Locally".

  6. Responsible Action:

    Through submissions and presentations to all levels of government, the Chamber acts as your representative for constructive change. Through our direct involvement with the Alberta Chambers of Commerce, we press for responsible government action at the provincial and federal levels on business related issues.

  7. Chamber Programs:

    Many opportunities to save money while doing business by taking advantage of some of the Alberta Chamber's "savings-orientated" programs such as the Group Insurance Plan, Visa & Mastercard Merchant Discounts, Purolator Services, etc.

  8. Business Promotion:

    Projects such as the Internet provides an opportunity for local businesses to promote their goods and services. We are the window to the community & members get referrals.

  9. Fax Out System:

    Members are readily informed about Chamber activities or Town events on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

  10. Community Involvement: 

Actively involved in supporting or organizing activities within the community such as Rodeo Week Kick Off Supper, Rodeo Parade, St Paul Marketing Committee, etc.