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"The Noisy Church Ladies"

This group sings at Bethany Harvest Hills and welcome more singers. This music therapy club was started in the year 2000, as a centennial project on behalf of C.W.L.  by Kay Chudleigh who played the piano there for 20 years. Hillary De Souza took over playing the piano and we sing old popular songs of the 30's and 40's. Our session is Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m.-11:30. You don't have to be a good singer either, just smile and make it fun for the patients , We also take men!. You will have to apply at the Bethany and fill out some forms for the Security.

Please call Suzanne at  403 - 275 - 8800 if you are interested.

City of Calgary workshops

We have some free workshops coming up if you are interested.  Details are below and attached as well.  We can take 10 people in each workshop and then will start a wait list if we go over that.  Contact Tannis Eapen, BSW, Community Social Worker, Calgary Neighbourhoods  Phone:  403- 828-8394  Email:

This Too Shall Pass

As you read this remember to take a slow breath in and a slow breath out. Do the slow breath in and slow breath out five more times and with each exhale un-clench something in your body and mind. It might be your jaw, shoulders, stomach, bottom or legs. It might be something in your thoughts releasing and relaxing. It might be something in your emotions letting go.

Common sense tells us that there will be an end to this virus. As much as possible it is important to keep our minds and bodies healthy and strong even though life is chaotic.

For a long period of time before a virus created a global “time out”, things had been pretty chaotic and divisive. Higher levels of fear and stress became the new norm. However, we all know that lengthy periods of stress have a negative effect on the immune system.

Right now all of our personal and collective energy is meant to be used for healing and helping each other. The time away from our normal routines can also give us an opportunity to think about what is truly important.

Here is a point we may want to consider. When a person experiences an injury, once they recover they can be better than before the injury occurred, they can be worse, but what they can’t be is the same. The same is true for a global injury.

When the current health crises passes, I hope that our personal and collective priorities have shifted and all the creative, innovative minds in the world can be used to re-imagine a healthier, happier, more stable future for everyone.

This month, and as we move forward, be kind to yourself and to each other.

~ Catherine Potter, Edmonton – March 2020


CWL supports the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace (D&P) also known as Caritas Canada.

The 1% Fund

Since 1969, the CWL has been encouraging its members to put aside 1% of the cost of all personal items that they purchase and of funds raised by Councils, to go towards supporting Development and Peace partners working to improve the status of women in the Global South. We take a collection at each of our General Meetings for this purpose. Collectively these funds are having a real impact on the lives of thousands of women striving for a better future. CWL members across Canada are making a real difference!