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Citra Clean All Purpose Cleaner  $ 89.95/4L Jug

[img]All Purpose Cleaner for Home, Auto, Industry.

Citra Clean works on a d-limonene based lifting agent, which gets into the pores of a material to lift and remove anything which is not permanently bonded.

When you buy most commercial cleaners then you are buying mostly water. With Citra Clean environmentally friendly cleaner, you add your own water. The savings in mixing and shipping are passed on to you. One bottle of Citra Clean concentrate is equal to 40 litres of commercial grade cleaner or 80 litres of household grade cleaner.

That means one bottle of Citra Clean concentrate can save you up to $400 dollars!

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Hydra Blue MG 46 Hydraulic Oil  $ 40.00[img]

[img]!!CLEARANCE SALE!! $40.00/20L Pail while supplies last.

Hydraulic oil for use in the oil and gas sector, manufacturing, construction and forestry industries. This high viscosity, multi-grade hydraulic fluid is designed to work in high hydraulic pressures in a wide range of operating temperatures.

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