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The student population in St. John's is on a steady rise. Housing options are on a steady decline.

The 50+ population in NL have the highest home-ownership rates of any province.

Since 2009, there's an unprecedented shortage of affordable housing. Luckily, an efficient, creative solution is in the works; A win-win solution for students and 50+.

Enter Home Share - a community based program led by the dynamic and expert guidance of several community leaders and stakeholders.

The idea is simple: two unrelated people share a house or apartment to their mutual advantage.

Private bedrooms. Common areas.

Respect, communication, and community all in one affordable and accessible package.

What's in it for the 50+?

Many of our 50+ population are living in homes that they sometimes struggle to maintain alone.

Home Share helps our 50+ to kick that struggle to the curb by inviting a post-secondary student to move in.

Household responsibilities are shared, or the student exchanges these types of services for reduced rent.

Our 50+ find it easier to stay in their own homes, and benefit from the youthful presence students bring along.

Quality of life benefits, emotional and financial stability, a sense of safety, and companionship are all goals Home Share aims to achieve for its 50+ participants.

If you think like our girl Mabel, Home Share is for you!

What's in it for the students?

Vacancy rates are mad low. Rental rates? Crazy high. Students feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. It's a tough situation.

Home Share provides students with affordable and accessible housing options so they can do what they need to do - study and become successful.

Students benefit by finding a place to live, saving money, and learning from a mutual inter-generational experience. You might get into knitting while the homeowner surfs Twitter®!

If Ben is speaking your language, think about Home Share.

For more information, see Connections for Seniors

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