In Your Space Bookkeeping

Is your business bogged down with paperwork or are you not even sure where to start?

Are you having trouble finding or keeping administrative staff? Maybe you only need someone a few days or even hours a week... (Maybe you're not sure what you need)













I can help any business with all of your administrative and bookkeeping needs, in your own system and in your own space. I can come to you!

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Government Submissions
Inventory systems and tracking
job costing and analysis & Much Much more!

I can assist you with as little or as much as you need.

I have over 14 year of oilfield experience doing both the financial and the operational administration, not just AR, AP and payroll to keep the bank and employees happy; but also Job costing and analysis of the daily operations, building of and submission of quotes, inventory set up and maintenance and any other administrative needs that your company may have to keep you happy. I'm also familiar with all of the major oilfield players in this area and the requirements that they have for working on their sites. But I can help any business (Not just oilfield).

My experience has taught me that the operational and financial sides of any company or business need to work together... and I understand both.

I will create and maintain accurate, real-time financial data to satisfy you, your accountant and your bank.

I will help you take care of your business's administrative requirements so that you can concentrate on the daily operations.

Set up of new system or input into existing system.

I can also teach you to maintain your system yourself if you chose.

Flat hourly rate and no hidden costs. Only pay for the hours you need me- no work, no cost.

I also have extensive experience in the retail field having spent the last 4 years setting up and maintaining a local store in the Bonnyville area.



Let me help you be successful!

In Your Space Bookkeeping

I can also work from my home for you if you prefer. And can also assist sole proprietors who are just not sure what they need or the best way to track it.

AddressBonnyville, AB
ContactJacqueline Boulet  780-573-0177