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September 14, 2017

After Harvest SALE ON PORCELAIN  :: October 15th thru December 31st,  2017

25% off all in-stock PORCELAIN .  (Teacher Studio Rate will be 30%).      Some items are limited! ....   So teachers stock up for those seminars!  Dean.

Canadian Porcelain Artists Conference 2018 is in Brockville, Ontario at St. Lawrence College in conjunction with "1000 Island Porcelain Art School"

August 20th thru August 25th, 2018   E-mail:   

I've found an error in my pricing.  Pyro Cones should be listed at $8.85 each (not $6.95)  And 015, 016, and 019 will be increasing to $13.80 as new stock starts to be used.  Others will remain at the $8.85 price. 

I have purchased a quantity of paint from Eurpoe to match a few of the Willoughby Colors:  When these paints are gone; then they are gone.  The new owners of Willoughby's will supply me with all their Willoughby Colors.

Schinernings Colors (from Europe)  
Yellow Brown #8029 $5.00 for 8 grams  
Outlining Black #8032 $4.90 for 8 grams  
Grey for Flowers #8033 $4.90 for 8 grams  
Wood Brown #8087 $4.90 for 8 grams (like Willoughby Pecan)
Terre Sienna #8104 $4.90 for 8 grams (like Willoughby Yellow for Reds)
Gold Base #8115 $6.30 for 8 grams (like Willoughby Base for Raised Gold)
Relief White Mat #8401 $5.30 for 8 grams  

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