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Sold Out items: FW-1145 Oval Box; SY-20-L Large Cheese Tray.

Note: I do have Cones 019 on hand at $8.85 still.

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I have purchased a quantity of paint from Europe to match a few of the Willoughby Colors: When these paints are gone; then they are gone. The new owners of Willoughby's will supply me with all their Willoughby Colors.

Schinernings Colors (from Europe)
Outlining Black #8032 $4.90 for 8 grams
Grey for Flowers #8033 $4.90 for 8 grams
Wood Brown #8087 $4.90 for 8 grams (like Willoughby Pecan)
Terre Sienna #8104 $4.90 for 8 grams (like Willoughby Yellow for Reds)
Gold Base #8115 $6.30 for 8 grams (like Willoughby Base for Raised Gold)

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