Respite Care - Vegreville / Two Hills

Caregiver burn-out is predictable and preventable. It is extremely important that the primary caregiver has time to “recharge their batteries”, tend to their own personal needs and experience life outside of their caregiver role. No caregiver should feel guilty for asking for time to step away for their role for a well-deserved break.

I can help by providing attentive, casual relief for the primary caregiver(s), whether they be family, friends or employed personnel. My primary interest is in serving the elderly, palliative and/or terminally ill in their home. I believe that every person deserves respect, compassionate understanding and support. I am also open to sitting at bedside in the hospital if needed.

My experience, training, medical background and sincere desire to serve can be discussed in detail either in person or via telephone. Care is mainly provided in the Vegreville/Two Hills area, however, special requests outside of these areas will be considered.

Kim (780) 718-1696

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