Sharon's Aquatic Shrimp Room

Dwarf Shrimp  Home Bred -Disease free 

Neo Varieties : Carbon Blue Rili, Bloody Mary, Green Jades, Yellow, Blue Velvet . 

Carindia Varieties : TangeringeTigers, Crystal Reds SSS/SSS+ Grade, Blue Bolts, Orange Eyed Red Tigers, Orange Eyed Blue Tigers.

More varieties coming in near future !!

Small selection of Aquatic Plants : Amazon Frog Bites, Duck Weed, Java Moss ,Thornwort

Live Grindal & Micro worm started cultures available  *Excellent food for Tropical Fish*



Grindal Worm Starter Cultures is an excellent choice for Tropical Fish

Once established you have a continuous supply of live food   $12.00

Micro Worm Starter Cultures is an excellent choice for baby fish

Easy to start and maintain  for an ongoing suppy of live food  $12.00

Aquatic Plants : Amazon Frog Bites -Floater Plants and helps control Nitrates -$2.00 ea. / Hornwort  excellent for baby Guppies, Shrimp etc. for hiding areas-$5.00 for 4 strands / Duck Weed - floating palnts helps control nitrate build up and provides cover for light sensitive fish a& shrimp $1.00 per cup /Java Moss $7.00 


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