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Commonly known as "China Painting" or, in Europe, "Oil on Porcelain", painting with minerals is produced through a process developed in the seventh century, which Michelangelo described as the most difficult of the arts. Most visual artists want to control their painting every step of the way; the fired arts utilize the same rules as other art forms but, at each stage, the creations are given over to the firing process and the artist awaits the kiln’s results and adjusts the focus after each fire. The artist meticulously hand paints the design several times; each stage fired to approximately 760oC or 1400 degrees F.


Aren't these snow babies fun hanging in the Christmas tree?

They aren't overly Christmassy so, with a change of ribbon, you can hang them anywhere any time.


This personalized baby birth plate (7 1/2") is a special gift of love to remember one of the most blessed events in the life of any family.

See Baby Plates menu item on the right for details.

Custom painted for you for $25 per plate.


The Wedding or Anniversary Plate is a beautiful symbol of a committed relationship.

When ordering, please advise regarding the chosen colors and the information to be inscribed in the heart.

An optional message from the giver can be added on the back.

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