InfoMall is a community portal, your Online Community Directory. InfoMall brings together local information and offers services to extend community activity and interaction. It integrates various services, and lets users customize the content to suit their needs. Local needs and interests are central to InfoMall.

InfoMall helps you find the goods and services you need to enhance your life. Think of InfoMall as a shopping mall with a number of shops or kiosks, where you can browse for the services you want.


InfoMall is different from most Community Portals in that it covers multiple communities. You can use our Select Areas feature to see all information or only information for specific geographical areas.

This feature is located in the upper left area of all sections of InfoMall. 



The default setting is all areas. If you want to change that, click on the box that says "Select areas" to open it up.

The areas are named for the major community in the area; they include the rural areas around it and other communities near it. For example, if you wanted to find goods, services, etc. in St. Vincent or Lafond, you would select St. Paul. If you want to know what is available in Cherry Grove, select Cold Lake.

Click on the area that you want.

If you want to see information for more than one area, hold down the CTRL key and click on all the areas that you want to see. (Generally, Apple devices use the home or apple key as the CTRL key.)

Click on the OK button to close the box.

You do not need to be a member to use (read) InfoMall but you do need to register and login in order to post your information.