Individual event $10

Business Card free

InfoMall Page $15/year
Includes 2 service directory listings
  • Events calendar
  • Service directory listing
  • Additional pages
  • Document folder
  • Trading Post ad link
 $50/30 days

InfoMall Site $150/year
  • Events calendar
  • 10 service directory listings
  • Additional pages
  • Document folder
  • 30 days Trading Post ad links
  • Domain name
  • Forwarding email address
  • Custom skin
  • Service directory listing
  • Trading Post ad link
 $50/30 days

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Individual Event - $10

Post an event to the InfoMall general calendar. If you have more than 6 events in a year, you are better off getting the InfoMall Page with your own calendar.

Business / Service Directory Listings

On InfoMall, the "Business" Directory is like the white pages of a phone book where businesses, companies and organizations are organized alphabetically. The Business Directory is not restricted to businesses. It can be used effectively by individuals offering a service to the community or for detailed advertising such as an Estate Sale, selling your house, promoting a trade show or major event...

The Service Directory is like the Yellow Pages where the listings are organized by category.

Both of these Directories have a Search Feature to help you locate information more quickly.

Listings are organized according to where the business / organization / event is physically located. Each business / organization / service is listed only once in the Business Directory, but can be in multiple categories in the Service Directory if they have the InfoMall Page or InfoMall Site. If you have more than one physical location, please email us with the information and we will find a way to accommodate your special situation.

"Business" Card - $0.

NOTE: This is a static listing that remains the same for 1 year after it is set up. Any changes to name or contact info must be emailed to InfoMall for update. If you need to update the description / content during the year, please select the Business Page.

Limit of one card per organization / business per year.

The free Business Card listings are offered to support our rural communities. Businesses in other areas must purchase the InfoMall Page (below) in order to be included in our Directories.

InfoMall Page - $15 per year

Your own web page on InfoMall with a URL you can use in other advertising!

Update it as often as you wish. Add logos, pictures and news. Feature special products or services.

Your page has a Subscribe feature so that interested people can register to receive automated notices when you change your page.

You have added information in the Members' Area - check the statistics on the number of visits to your page.

You can be listed in two (2) relevant categories in the Service Directory.

You have the option to add:

Please see the following examples of how Business Pages can be set up:

Do you already have an InfoMall Page and just want to renew?

InfoMall Site - $150 per year   

Want more than the InfoMall Page? Are the "add-ons" adding up? The InfoMall Site gives you over $400 worth of  services for one low price - and lots of flexibility to customize it to your needs. Choose what works for you! Our Site includes (but does not require) all of the options available through InfoMall:


Want your own website that integrates with InfoMall? Get the benefits of InfoMall traffic and advertising. Create and update your content through your InfoMall login.