Town & Country Feeds & Brush Control



* Domestic Livestock & Exotic Livestock Pelleted Feeds:

Beet Pulp Pellets, Millrun Pellets, Barley Malt Sprout Pellets, Feed Barley, Alfalfa Cubes & Pellets, Deer Pellets, Various Beef Pellets, Premixed, Custom Blends & Cereal Grains available.

Delivery Available in Alberta & Saskatchewan of B-Train Loads, 12 MT & 27 MT Self Augering Truck Loads


* Legal Alfalfa ALFA-TEC Products Dealer:

Alfalfa & Alfalfa/Timothy Blend Hay Cubes & Alfalfa Pellets:

Available in Bulk, 500 Kg Totes & 20 Kg Bags

Delivery & Off Loading Available.

Delivery Available in Alberta & Saskatchewan of Bulk B-Train Loads, 12 MT & 27 MT Self Augering Truck Loads (Min. 2 MT)


* Canadian White Pine Bedding Shavings:


Single Bags or 20 Bag Pallets.

Delivery Available


* Certified Grass Seed Dealer:

2020 - 2021 Grass Seed Pricing Discounts Coming Soon

EARLY SEASON Discount For Prepaid Orders, Shipped thru Spring 2021 at your request


Grass & Legume Seeds, Corn, Pea, Radish, Turnip etc. - of All Types & Varieties:

Forage Grasses & Blends, Native, Reclamation & Custom Blends, Turf Grasses, Feed, Silage & Grain Corn, Pea, Turnips, Radishes & Specialty Seeds.

*Broadcast Seeding Service Available*

Delivery Available Through Out Alberta & Saskatchewan


* Brush Control - Fenceline Clearing,Brush Mowing, Tree Shearing, Limbing, Removal & Cleanup

Specializing in Brush Control, Tree removal, Limbing & Mowing for Fence Lines, Game Trails, Cut Lines, Pastures, Road sides, Power Lines.

Tree & Brush Control for Agricultural, Residential, Lake Lots & Commercial Properties.


Bobcat Services including snow plowing also available.

Serving Rural, Residential, Lake Lots & Commercial Properties in Alberta or Saskatchewan.


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