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Currently Selling for 2020 & 2021 Livestock & Exotic Livestock Pelleted Feeds:



Millrun Pellets 15% - Request a Current Pricing Quote: B-Train Loads Delivered 

Beet Pulp Pellets - Request a Current Pricing Quote: B-Train Loads Delivered 

Barley Sprout Pellets 19% - Request a Current Pricing Quote: B-Train Loads Delivered 

Request a pricing quote with delivery to your location

Feed Barley

Dehydrated Alfalfa Pellets 17%

Deer Pellets 16%

Beef Pellets 15%

Beef Pellets 20%

Beef Feedlot Grower Pellets 13% (700 Lb to 1000 Lb Calves)

Beef Feedlot Grower Pellets 14% (350 Lb to 700 Lb Calves)

Bull Ration Pellets 16%

As well as a variety of other Pre Blended Pellets with Vit/Min Paks including Oleo-R or Rumensin

Cereal Grains & Blended Rations


Custom Blended Pellets to fit your feeding program.

Just provide what Feeds & Poundage you are feeding & to what type of Livestock.

It will be passed onto a Feed Specialist for evaluation & a Custom Blend Pellet Ration will be made to compliment your feeding program.


Whole & processed Cereal Grains & Cereal Grain Blends are also available.


All products are available for delivery throughout Alberta & Saskatchewan in Bulk B-Train Loads.

Please Note:

All B-Train Load orders will require the Buyer to supply a 10 Inch or Larger Auger for offloading (2 Hour Max) the Feed from the Trailers.


Delivery is also available by Self Augering Trucks in two sizes 12 MT & 27 MT

Please Note:

A minimum order of 5 MT is required.

Auger Trucks have up to 5 separate compartments, so you can get multiple pellet blends or split your load with another Producer in your Local Area.


If you are looking for Feed pricing & Delivery please call or e-mail.

Please provide a detailed set of directions to the delivery location as they will be required for the Delivery Pricing.


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