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Give away PENDING - Barred & Columbia Rock hens 1.5 years old
Available this morning (Sat August 24) for a few hours and then they will be running all over the place again. Text or call only.
  • Pam
  • 780-815-0005
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Saturday, August 24
For Sale - Ewe lambs  $ 150 each
I have 9 ewe lambs looking for new pasture. They were all bottle babies. Born March-April 2019 apx 60-70 lbs. Sufflock Dorset crosses and one Tunis.
  • Kayla
  • 780-404-7655
  • Lac La Biche
Posted: Saturday, August 24 (R)
For Sale - Nigerian Dwarf Goats  $ 200
Very friendly Nigerian Dwarf wether goat $200. Can be sold with his mom for $450.
  • Malcolm
  • 780-826-4723
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Saturday, August 24 (R)
For Sale - Nubian Goat  $ 300
Very friendly Nubian doe goat.
  • Malcolm
  • 780-826-4723
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Saturday, August 24 (R)
For Sale - Lots of Ducks!
Current Sales List:
Muscovy ducklings 6 for $50
3 Young runner drakes $10 (blue, black, fawn and white)
3 Young Rouen pairs $30 or hens $25
Young pilgrim ganders $65
Trio of this years Pekins $80
call Or text for more info
  • Misty
  • 780-619-4806
  • LaCorey
Posted: Saturday, August 24 (R)
For Sale - Rabbits, kittens and turkey  $ See Add
Have 27 rabbits ranging from 2 months old to 5 months pricing 10$ each and 15 for older ones also have 1 mature Flemish buck 20$, 2 mature breeding females exposed to male 35$ each
1 young red bourbon turkey 20$ 1 bantom rooster 30$
3 kittens 5$ each or 10$ for all three
  • Justin
  • 780-210-0927
  • St. Paul
Posted: Friday, August 23
For Sale - Mini goats  $ 100-250
6 neutered males born in May and June 2019-$150
1 male born May 2019-$250
1 Proven buck 3-4 years old,$200
3 1-3 year old neutered males-$100
All goats are friendly and used to being played with.
  • Wendell
  • 780-614-5791
  • Ashmont
Posted: Friday, August 23
Wanted - Working LGD
We are looking for an adult (3 years or older) LGD that is living with, and protecting goats. Must be working and living with the herd. We are not interested in a guard or yard dog. If your are thinking about selling your herd, and need to re-home your LGD, or if you've raised up pups to protectors, please email us details and photos.
  • Ed & Donna
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Friday, August 23
Please see InfoMall Help for information on selling / buying Purebred and Registered animals.
For Sale - Price Reduced of Potbelly Piglets  $ Was $100 but Reduced to $60.00
I have 6 Potbelly Piglets for sale & now ready to go.
There are 3 Females & 3 Males 2 Piglets SOLD ONLY
2 Piglets Left. 1 male (intact) & 1 Female.
Please either email or phone 780-645-2754
Leave a message for allowing me to phone you back.
Once they are away & at their new home they would
bond to you after getting use to you.
You can harness them then with a leash & follow you
everywhere. They also can be house trained to either
go outside just like a puppy or they can also be trained
to use a litter box.
Pigs are very clean & can learn tricks like sit ect.
Pictures can be provided if interested as my ad
All those that purchased are very happy with them.

will let me put only 1 picture. The Piglets will sell as
First come first served.
  • Debbi
  • 780-780-646-0431
  • St Paul
Posted: Friday, August 23 (R)
For Sale - Simm/Angus Bull Calf & Shorthorn/Angus Heifer Calf  $ 350
Bull Calf is one month old and red in colour $350
Heifer calf is almost three weeks old and black in colour $350

Pick-up Wednesday August 28

These calves are currently on their mothers but will need to be bottle fed when their mothers go to town August 28. Price is firm. No delivery. You pick up.
  • Coral Robinson
  • 780-210-0179
  • Glendon
Posted: Thursday, August 22
For Sale / Trade - Chicken House  $ 1500
Chicken house and chickens, must take together. Most of chickens hatched in June. A few from last spring. Chicken house was built about 7 years ago. Could use some repairs, but is still awesome. Is on built on skids and could be winched onto trailer. Buyer loads. Text for info.
  • colin
  • 1-639-941-7333
  • Pierceland
Posted: Thursday, August 22
For Sale - Hens and Roosters  $ 5 each
I have some laying hens for sale
Still laying
Roosters are free
Text for more information
  • 306-839-7920
  • Pierceland
Posted: Thursday, August 22
For Sale - Black Silver Laced Wyandotte Trio  $ 60
I have a trio of Wyandotte's available. I just hatched some eggs and plan to keep the new stock. I want to make room in my coop for winter.
  • Deanna
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Thursday, August 22
For Sale / Give away - Chickens and roosters  $ Free-25.00
I have some roosters to give away. Ameraucanas and some Brahma crosses. Some are really pretty birds so take for your flock or take for the soup pot. The roosters are all free. I also have some nice young hens. Some are laying some have not started yet. Some are pure brahmas. My hens are bcm chanteclair orpington and barnyard mixes. Rooster is a Brahma. Deals if you take more than one. Older hens not for sale. Just listed breeds so you know what there are. All chicks were hatched in April
  • danielle
  • 306-304-0515
  • Elk Point
Posted: Thursday, August 22
For Sale - Butcher weight hogs  $ 225
Selling out of hogs. We have 16 pigs from 200 to 350lb.

Would like to sell as a package for 200/hd but will sell individually.

Willing to make a deal on smaller groups.

Castrated males, females and 1 sow.

Text for best response
  • Keegan Miller
  • 780-545-8098
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Thursday, August 22 (R)   $
For Sale - Highland Cow  $ 1200
3 year old cow
Highland mix
Mother purebred highland
Friendly, docile temperament, good natured
Hardy, overwinters well
Will calf this fall
  • Agnes
  • 780-271-5533
  • Ashmont
Posted: Thursday, August 22 (R)
For Sale - Bunnies  $ 10
2 male bunnies $10 each
  • Agnes
  • 780-271-5533
  • Ashmont
Posted: Thursday, August 22 (R)

Protect Yourself !!!!

Do all financial transactions in person.
Read our Help section for more tips to protect yourself from fraud, etc.

For Sale - Purebred Shorthorn Bull  $ 2900
Excellent disposition
2 years old
throws 65lb to 70lb calf
Ideal for first time calver
Calves are rapid growing, and gain in size
and weight quickly.
Access to owner by phone only
Contact by phone ONLY 780-271-5533
  • Agnes
  • 780-271-5533
  • Ashmont
Posted: Thursday, August 22 (R)
For Sale - Red Angus Bulls  $ 3500- 4000
We have a dozen Red Angus bull calves on offer. They will be weaned in early October and wintered on baleage and minimal pellets. They will be semen tested and delivered when you need them. Come have a look at them and their dams while they are still nursing. Both heifer and cow bulls a available.
  • Flowing Springs Ranch
  • Brian Coutts
  • 587-252-4074
  • Pierceland
Posted: Thursday, August 22 (R)
For Sale - Purebred saanen buck  $ 250
I have two Saanen bucks to choose from. Buyer gets choice on one of the two. 70+pounds...born in feb 2019
They come from a production dairy. So exceptional milking bloodlines.
Price is obo. Text only please.
  • Paula Charbonneau
  • 780-614-8594
  • St Lina
Posted: Wednesday, August 21
For Sale - Weaner Berkshire piglets  $ 50 each
20 weaner piglets ready to go. Berkshire
  • Vanessa
  • 306-238-7623
  • Goodsoil
Posted: Wednesday, August 21
For Sale - Sheep Rams for sale.  $ 400-500
We have 8 excellent PB Hampshire Rams for sale, including many twins & two triplets. 1 Proven Yearling also available. Rams have natural thickness & sound legs with good dispositions. Stocky & easy feeding animals, that all lambed on their own. All vaccinated, dewormed, and halter broke. Excellent scrotal development and ready to work. Delivery may be possible. Call or text 780-853-7858 with any questions or to view.
  • Paul
  • 780-853-7858
  • Vermilion
  • Will travel to Vermilion River
Posted: Wednesday, August 21 (R)
For Sale - Ram Lambs  $ 200
Twins; Suffolk; intact. Born April 27, 2019. Both weigh over 100 pounds. Just weaned and are on pasture
  • Ashley
  • 780-573-3665
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Wednesday, August 21 (R)
For Sale - weaner pigs  $ 50.00 ea.
Weaner pigs for sale. Ready to go. $50.00 each. If no answer leave name and number so we can call back.
  • Jp & Dixie
  • 780-826-7131
  • Iron River
Posted: Tuesday, August 20
For Sale - Suffolk Lambs  $ 400/pair
One Suffolk ewe lamb and one Suffolk wether lamb, 4 months old. Already 92 and 98 lbs. Bottle fed for 4 months on fresh goats milk very tame and easy to handle. $400 for the pair or $200 for the wether and $225 for the ewe. Will make excellent breeding ewe.
  • Malcolm
  • 780-826-4723
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Tuesday, August 20