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K-Rock 95.3Kool 101.3
For Sale PENDING - Male guinea pig  $ 40
Everything you need included. Very gentle. Was a child's pet.
Posted: Thursday, July 20
Wanted - Crickets
Hello, I am looking for some crickets for my crested gecko.

Will travel to Cold Lake, St. Paul, and Bonnyville

Please text or email
Sheryl Ingram
Will travel to Cold Lake
Posted: Thursday, July 20
For Sale - 40 gallon fish tank  $ 60
40 gallon with stand, light and lid. Holds water and there's no cracks. Doesn't come with a heater or filter.
Sylvie Beaunoyer
Posted: Thursday, July 20 (R)
Check the Service Directory for pets, kennels, pet supplies, etc - or use the Search on the right side of this page. If you are a pet provider, please Get Listed.
For Sale - 2 adult bearded dragons and female adult leopard gecko  $ See ad
Adult bearded dragon. He's an old man and unfortunately with events in my personal life and the pet store not being able to keep it together with feeders I have to rehome my babies. Now this guy will come with a 48x12 tank and stand his decor and his canopy light with proper bulbs. He's not at all a fussy eater he likes cats and is super gentle so would be wonderful for kids. The cons to him is that he is 8 years old and showing signs of slowing down. I don't know how much longer he has. My requirements are that you do know what you're doing. They are low maintenance pets but still have needs that require a fair bit of money. I'm asking $150 for him.

Female adult bearded dragon. She's 3. Her cage is 36x24 includes stand and everything else. Very very large. Would make a great pet for anyone who can provide and commit to her needs. Asking $200 for her.

Adult female leopard gecko. She's 1.5 years old. Leopard geckos can live up to 30 years. Super easy to look after. She also comes with cage and stand. Will also include a critter carrier too. Once again not wanting her to go to just anyone so please do your research. She is somewhat okay with being handled but I would say she's not a good pet for a child. She has leaped from my hands almost to my cats delight. She also had previous health issues which are 100% under control now however that's something that you'll have to keep an eye on. For her I'm asking $40.00.

I do have pics and will provide them. I need to be confident that they are going to wonderful forever homes that will be capable of providing for their needs. This hasn't been an easy decision but it's a necessary one. Please respond to ad via email. Thanks.
Posted: Wednesday, July 19
Wanted - Guinea Pig and/or cage
Looking for a friendly guinea pig that loves attention. Can't bite. Also interested in cages and accessories. Please text or call me with what you have @780-201-3880. Thank you
Raelynn Nelson
Iron River
Posted: Wednesday, July 19 (R)
For Sale - Fish Tank  $ 250.00
This is an amazing 36 gallon tank. It has a totally enclosed lid. Perfect for keeping little hands or paws out.
Filter system is a submersible Fluval U4.
Heater is a fully submersible Eheim. Comes with two white tetras, a few snails, fish food and Flourish fertilizer.
Plants are java fern, java moss, and crypts.
Cold Lake
Posted: Wednesday, July 19 (R)
For Sale - Corn snakes  $ 400.00
I have two corn snakes for sale. One is an Anery which is a purple-grey color (very big and nice looking snake) and the other is an Albino which is pink with yellow undersides (beautiful cotton candy color). They are friendly and well handled. They eat mice (frozen then thawed - not live) and both are excellent eaters with no issues. They are fed once a month.

Both snakes come with their escape proof cage (2x3'), heat pad, cover stone hideaway, water dish and whatever mice we have left on hand.

Asking $400.00 obo for each snake and cage set up.

Text for faster response.
V Braun
780-573-8957 (text only)
Cold Lake
Posted: Wednesday, July 19 (R)
For Sale - Cockatiel birds  $ 300
Female and male birds, selling for a friend. He's asking $300 for everything which includes food, cleaning supplies, cage, toys etc. They love to whistle! And are very lovable.
April Mathias
Posted: Tuesday, July 18
For Sale - Pet rabbit  $ 60
Comes with cage and water and pellet feeder
Cold lake
Posted: Tuesday, July 18
For Sale - Bunny  $ 50$
1 year old female brindle bunny and cage plus accessories. Please text 780 815 1133
Shari Steele
Posted: Tuesday, July 18
Wanted - 24" or a 48" aquarium light
If you have one you're not using please text me at (780) 614-7242 with pictures and prices
St. Paul
Posted: Tuesday, July 18
For Sale - Aquarium fish  $ 40
Need to find new home for these guys -
2 Tiger Barbs
1 Rosy Barb
2 Black Tetras
2 Gold Gouramis

Bought them all last fall from the pet store. They will come with their premium fish food (still lots in there). Selling because we sold our big fish tank and just don't want to have fish anymore. Message for pictures and info!
Crane lake
Will travel to Bonnyville
Posted: Tuesday, July 18
For Sale - 75 Gallon aquarium with stand  $ 400.00
Aquarium for sale. Dimensions are 48" wide 18" deep and 21" tall. Comes with light, glass top, background, bottom cabinet and some decorations. No filter heater or bottom gravel. In great condition. Great for fish or reptiles ect.Please text for pictures and additional information. Thank you
Marc Casera
St-Paul AB
Posted: Tuesday, July 18
Wanted - Bristlenose pleco
If anyone has 1 or 2 they're looking to sell please text me or if anyone knows where to buy them!
St. Paul
Posted: Tuesday, July 18
For Sale - 2 adult female guinea pigs  $ 75$ obo
These two girls have been spoiled for the past four years. Sophie (red eyes) is five, while Muffin (black) is four. Sophie was pregnant with Muffin when I bought her. Both are very well behaved and have never had a biting problem. Great for children who are able to GENTLY handle small animals. Must go to a loving home.
Comes with:
  • large cage
  • high quality food
  • extra water bottles
  • smaller cage for car rides
Please text or email.
Cold Lake
Will travel to Cold Lake
Posted: Tuesday, July 18 (R)
Give away - Baby guinea pigs
I need to get rid of my two baby guinea pigs. They're both male and they need to go together. They will be ready to go in about two weeks. They're two weeks old and very friendly and active. Reason for parting is their mom isn't fixed and I don't want any more babies. They do not come with anything.
Elk Point
Posted: Tuesday, July 18 (R)
For Sale - Baby Rabbits  $ 20
I have 2 three month old Dutch rabbits for sale 2 males

4 one and a half month old lion head/ mini rex
1 black female, 2 male grey and white one has lion head , 1 orange and white loin head female
306-839-7920 please text
Posted: Tuesday, July 18 (R)
For Sale - 50 gallon Aquarium with pump, lights and decorations  $ 135obo
Selling my 50gallon aquarium with pump, ligt, and decorations... Got a bigger Aquarium. Selling for $135obo pick up only
Cold Lake South
Posted: Tuesday, July 18 (R)
For Sale - Aquarium  $ 100
Including fish mbuna yellow chiclids, decoration, with light, heater and filter
Posted: Tuesday, July 18 (R)
For Sale - Male hedgehog  $ 150 neg.
I habe a male hedgehog who needs a new home. He is 1.5 years old. My children are not interested in him anymore. Doors not cone with the cage but with food, dishes, excersise ball and any other bus i have for him.
Rural Ardmore
Posted: Monday, July 17
Wanted - 2.5-3 gallon tanks
Looking for 1 or 2 fish tanks in the size of 2.5 or 3 gallon nothing bigger and nothing smaller.
Pernille Rydberg
Posted: Monday, July 17
For Sale - 3 adult Guinea pigs  $ 50
I am selling my Guinea pigs. They come with a 6X2 cage, two water bowls, three food bowls, a Handheld vacuum, three pigloos, three beds, and whatever food and hay I have. Asking 50 for all of it. I need them gone as I am moving and don't want to drive them that far because that's not good for piggies, and I just don't foresee me having the time to love them properly. Whoever takes them needs to be knowledgable on guinea pigs since they have special requirements, like most animals do. They are friendly and love to be cuddled. They have been well loved and taken care of and need to go somewhere that'll do the same. They must go together. Will not separate.
Elk Point
Posted: Monday, July 17
For Sale - Fish Tank Stuff  $ 20.00
2 ornaments. net, 10 lbs black gravel, 2 plants, net and siphon hose. For more info text to 780-812-0180
Posted: Monday, July 17 (R)
For Sale - Three Budgies with cage and all accessories included  $ 150 or best offer
Two yellow Budgies and one blue

Black large metal cage + Brand new smaller cage also with accessories

All toys and accessories included
Lisa Martin
Posted: Monday, July 17 (R)
For Sale - African Dwarf Frog and tank  $ 20
I have 1 African dwarf frog. Comes with tank, food, and cleaning items that I use. Pick up CL north
Cold Lake
Posted: Sunday, July 16