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For Sale - Dutch Rabbits  $ 30
Two super sweet adult male Dutch rabbits. They are living separate. Both came from British Columbia. Tanner is tortoiseshell color and is 2 years old, he has been used for breeding and make spectacular babies, asking $30. - . Eros is a blue color and is 3 years old, he would make a great pet for someone as he is very gentle, asking $20
  • Heather
  • 780-815-1880
  • Fort Kent
Posted: Sunday, April 21
For Sale - 55 gal aquarium corner tank  $ 299
Comes as seen. New heater, new rocks, corner stand, etc.

Cold Lake Alberta
  • Jaime
  • 780-201-9418
  • Cold Cake
Posted: Sunday, April 21
For Sale - Baby Golden Apple Snail  $ 2
Selling Baby Golden Apple Snail for $2 each.They are very healthy and about 1cm in size. They have calcium in their tank to help and ensure strong healthy shells. Parents are about 4 cm in size.
  • Eric
  • 780-201-1417 text only please
  • Cold Lake
Posted: Sunday, April 21 (R)
For Sale - Large dog house.  $ 160
Large dog house made from utilidor.
  • ryan
  • 780-614-5925
  • Heinsburg
Posted: Sunday, April 21 (R)
Wanted - Looking for a male baby bunny 6-8 weeks old
  • Alison
  • 780-815-3546
  • Fort Kent
Posted: Saturday, April 20
For Sale - Fish tank  $ 250
Looking to rehome my fish tank. Not sure of the size, will come with stand and light. Needs a wipe down. (fish no included) pick up only.
Make me an offer.
Text me if interested 780-201-9423
  • Shayna bamber
  • 780-201-9423
  • Cold lake
Posted: Saturday, April 20

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For Sale - Fish Tank syphon  $ 40
Paid $80 and this thing is a dream come true to the fish tank lover. makes cleaning tank enjoyable. $40
  • Darryl
  • 780-815-5754
  • Bonnyville ab
Posted: Saturday, April 20
For Sale - Holland Lop bunny  $ 49
Black 2 month old Holland Lop needs good home. Bought for my daughter and novelty wore off. Text if interested. Paid 49 at pet store, price is negotiable.
  • Tracy
  • 780-815-2839
  • Bonnyville
  • Will travel to Cold Lake
Posted: Friday, April 19
For Sale - Fish tanks  $ 600
This bundle includes

1. 40G bowfront tank and stand. Aqua clear 110 filter system. Air bubbler. This tank is just angels. 2 silver lace (striped) 1 black veil 1 orange and white 1 blue Pinoy. There is a breeding pair in here that lay eggs approx every 2 weeks, however I am yet to have babies. It contains a breeding pair of pepper corys, 2 plecos and an algae eater and 5 small snails and a marimo moss ball.

2. 30G tank regular tank with shelved stand. Aqua clear 50 filter system. This is a community tank and has 2 male and 2 female orange swordtails, 1 black Molly, 3 zebra daninos, 3 Red tail sharks, 2 glofish that have lost color, 2 albino algae eaters, 1 yoyo loach, 1 other loach, but I don't know what kind, 1 pepper cory and snails.

3. 5G tank and shelf/cupboard stank. It runs a small Walmart filter. Has an air bubbler. Currently I've been using this tank to hatch Cory eggs, trying angel eggs and in the past I have used it as a quarentine tank.

Bundle comes with a huge vacuum that attaches to your sink, a smaller vacuum, some live plants but not in the big tanks as I was just starting with live plants. It has all chemicals, testing kits for ammonia, and ph, ph drop tabs, all decorations in tanks and extra,a brand new bag of fry food, pellet and flake foods, and freeze dried blood worms and frozen blood worms. Also has medications for ICH, salt algae eater food tabs, scrubbers nets,extra hoses and air stones for bubblers,sponges, some new filter pieces to change out and a new light bulb for the little tank.

This is a huge lot and I am sad to see it go.

Text is quickest for response or any questions. I'd like to sell together and will not seperate and sell the fish seperate.
  • meghan
  • 597-201-1438
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Friday, April 19
For Sale - 90 gallon fishtank  $ 800
Selling my 90 gallon Fishtank/stand, filter, air pump, air rocks, various colours of gravel, colour changing Bluetooth LED light, timer for the light, power bar, gravel cleaners, various decorations, backdrop, magnetic glass cleaner, aquarium heater, water testing kit, water conditioners, extra tubing for the air pump, and more. Selling everything for $800 one of a kind aquarium. text/call me at +17802010899 if interested
  • James
  • 780-201-0899
  • Cold Lake
Posted: Friday, April 19
For Sale - Leopard Gecko  $ 100
I have a couple friendly leopard geckos for sale. They are pickup only in lloydminster. They are $100 each. Please contact me via text at 306-830-5177.
  • Leonna
  • 306-830-5177
  • Lloydminster
Posted: Friday, April 19 (R)
For Sale - Snow Fence and T-posts.  $ 125.00
Two 50 ft rolls of fencing. Nine 6 ft T-post. In like new condition. Used once for temporary dog kennel when camping.
  • Twyla Roberts
  • 780-545-8591
  • Cold lake
Posted: Friday, April 19 (R)
Give away - Outside cage
I used this for a young chicken. Would be good for a rabbit or guinea pig also. Text for best response. Just come take it
  • Janet
  • 780-545-7993
  • Cold Lake, AB
Posted: Thursday, April 18
For Sale - Rabbit cage  $ 60 or OBO
Rabbit cage 33.5”x31.5”x18.5”
  • Donna
  • 780-614-0737
  • Elk Point
Posted: Thursday, April 18
Wanted - Rabbit cage and bird cage
Looking for good shape rabbit cage and birdcage please!
  • Lynette
  • 780-813-0795
  • Bonnyville Area
Posted: Thursday, April 18 (R)
For Sale - Guinea Pigs - New Born - 6 months  $ 15$ or 2 for 20$ or Trade for Household Items
Newly bread Guinea Pigs 6 week old to 6 month old. Recommend taking in pairs for their own companionship. All bread in clean safe environment. Males and Females kept separate.

Short haired and long haired available. Mostly white cinnamon mixed color, some straight white, black/blue eyes. 12 currently available.

Lovable, Adorable, Comforting...
  • Christina
  • 587-340-4056
  • Ashmont
  • Will travel to Ardmore, Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Lac La Biche, St. Paul
Posted: Thursday, April 18 (R)
For Sale - Kennrls  $ 10.00 each obo
Small to medium not sure you can the picture I have a 4L jug between them.
  • Brad
  • 780-639-2674
  • Cold Lake AB
Posted: Wednesday, April 17
For Sale - Budgies  $ 10.00
I have some 8 week old budgies for sale. They would be easy to tame. Call or text 780 573-4213.
  • Melissa cumby
  • 780-573-4213
  • Fort kent
Posted: Wednesday, April 17
For Sale - Fish Mini Tank with lights  $ 8
Comes with some stuff in the tank, a light that fits under tank, and some beta food.
I don't care for the not clear container...I got a glass container instead. I suppose the plastic container is safer. See both pictures.
  • Zow
  • 780-581-4200
  • St. Paul
  • Will travel to St. Paul
Posted: Wednesday, April 17 (R)
For Sale - Baby bunny  $ 15
12 week old bunny. Last one left.
  • Caleb
  • Cold Lake
Posted: Tuesday, April 16
For Sale - Bearded Dragon Food  $ 20
Bought it and never opened it, text for fastest response!
  • 780-813-2902
  • Cold lake
Posted: Tuesday, April 16
Wanted - Parrot Fish
Looking for parrot fish. My lonely one needs a friend.
  • 780-812-0180
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Tuesday, April 16 (R)
Wanted - Looking for Redbelly piranhas
Seen an ad a little while back but didn’t have a tank to put them in , I’m now looking for some Redbelly Piranhas now that I got my tank . Text for fastest response thanks !
  • Austyn
  • 780-232-1660
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Tuesday, April 16 (R)
For Sale - Guppies for sale  $ 1 each or BAKERS DOZEN for $10
Healthey Guppies for Sale. They are breeding size and ready for a new home.
  • Eric
  • 780-201-1417 text only please
  • Cold Lake
Posted: Monday, April 15
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For Sale - lion head male baby rabbit  $ 116
5-month-old male rabbit for sale, 6 months at the end of May. I paid $63 for the rabbit and asking $116 because he comes with litter, baby rabbit food, litter box, and alfalfa hay. Needs to find a loving home he's very kind and gentle. please text me only.
  • Kandelise johnston
  • 780-815-0395
  • Fort kent
Posted: Monday, April 15