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For Sale - Fish Bowl  $ 6
  • Wally
  • St. Paul
Posted: Friday, March 24 (R)
For Sale - Fish tank  $ 10
5 by 6 inches
Excellent for the betta.
  • Pat
  • St. Paul
  • Will travel to St. Paul
Posted: Friday, March 24 (R)
For Sale - Rabbits  $ 10
5 rabbits for sale just in time for Easter!
2 white males
1 brown male
1 brown female
1 grey male
All rabbits are Flemish giant x Rex
All rabbits are handled daily by my kids and are friendly
  • Shelley
  • Pierceland
Posted: Thursday, March 23
For Sale - Spong filter  $ 30 both
Paid around 40 for both, brand new never used.
  • Kayla
  • Lac La Biche
Posted: Thursday, March 23 (R)
Give away - Fresh Water Snails
We have dozens of fresh water snails free to good home!

Recently acquired a tank and they’re plentiful.

Please text or email
  • Shannon
  • Cold Lake
Posted: Wednesday, March 22 (R)
Wanted - Saltwater coral
Looking for some easy corals
  • David
  • 780-201-6738
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Wednesday, March 22 (R)
For Sale - Litter  $ 15.00
  • Glendon
  • Will travel to Bonnyville
Posted: Wednesday, March 22 (R)
For Sale - Air pump  $ 35 and $8
The petcetera one is a great deal. Top quality that would do well for bigger tanks. Was never used..
The smaller one would work for a small tank.
  • Pat
  • St. Paul
  • Will travel to St. Paul
Posted: Wednesday, March 22 (R)
Wanted - Don't buy animals as Easter presents!!
If you want to give a rabbit to your kids, be aware:
  • that their proper care is expensive, they're considered exotics by Vets and the closest exotic vet is in Edmonton.
  • that their life span is over 10 years.
Tired of them and release them? Might as well kill them yourselves right away as most times it's a death sentence, unless someone finds them in time and rescues them.
Don't stuff them 24hrs into a cage or hutch!
They need lots of room to run to stay healthy and happy!

Foster for a rescue first to find out if a bunny is a good fit for your family.

Adopt!! Don't shop!

We don't have a local bunny rescue here, but further south there are rescues and they are full to the roof!
Don't buy from people who don't care that we have already more than enough bunnies needing a home in this province and others!
  • MD of Bonnyville
Posted: Tuesday, March 21 (R)
For Sale - Rabbits  $ 20
lionhead cross rabbits for sale
born July 5th 2022
$20 for two
three females one male
two females are living together
  • Levi
  • Pierceland
Posted: Tuesday, March 21 (R)

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For Sale - 15" Wheel  $ 15
Brand new my Chinchilla didn't use it.
  • Kayla
  • Lac La Biche
Posted: Tuesday, March 21 (R)
For Sale - 15gal Fluval Aquarium  $ 85
15gal Fluval Aquarium with heater.
Approx (16”x15”x14”) cleaned and ready to go.
Upgraded to larger size and no longer needed.

Requires foam filter insert

Text is best
  • Sydnee
  • Cold Lake
Posted: Monday, March 20
For Sale - Kennel  $ 1100
Paid over 2000

Heavy duty 10’ x 20
(6 large panels)

Need a trailer to haul it.

It’s like in the picture but has two extra panels. From UFA before they started selling the smaller panels. Can still add panels to it from UFA.
  • Lindy
  • St. Paul
Posted: Monday, March 20
For Sale - Aquarium  $ 1000
90 gal
Cichlid tank
Comes with everything you need!

Includes lights you can control on your phone that are good for plants.there is a large filter that hides under stand. Most plants in tank are real. I never have to clean tank because of the plants.

Very heavy tank!
  • Lindy Visser
  • St paul
Posted: Monday, March 20
Give away - Huge Cichlid fish to give away
We have a huge cichlid fish to give away. Unfortunately he has a swim bladder issue. I have tried everything to fix it and he still has it. I was wondering if someone wanted to have him for free to see if they can get him to swim upright again. I wasn't sure what else to do.

  • Give away Cichlid Fish
  • Cold Lake
  • Will travel to Cold Lake
Posted: Monday, March 20 (R)
For Sale - Male Chinchilla  $ 150
He is 4-5 years old
Comes with dust bath, ball, remaining sand, food and treats.
No cage
  • Kayla
  • Lac La Biche
Posted: Sunday, March 19
For Sale - XL Shell for Aquarium  $ 30
Awesome edition to your aquarium and a place for your fish to hide and sleep or just decoration in your home. Natural shell 10" wide x 8.5" deep x 8.5" high, clean and in excellent condition

Pls also see my 'other ads'
  • Cold Lake North
Posted: Sunday, March 19 (R)
Check the Service Directory for pets, kennels, pet supplies, etc - or use the Search on the right side of this page. If you are a pet provider, please Get Listed.
For Sale - Cactus that could be for ones terrarium  $ 28
The container has many rooted, well developed cactus. The container is 18inches long by 8wide.This plant could also be used as a houseplant and could be separated into other pots.
  • Lou
  • St. Paul
Posted: Sunday, March 19 (R)
For Sale - Baby pleco (catfish).  $ 5
I have about 5 baby bristelnose plecos for sale. I'm unsure of sex at this time. They are almost the length of my finger now. Dad is an albino bristelnose, and mom is a normal bristelnose. $5 each or take or take all 5 for $20.
  • chanelle
  • bonnyville
Posted: Saturday, March 18 (R)
For Sale - Bristlenose ploce  $ 5
I have some bristlenose pleco up for grabs for $5 each. About 1 to 3inch. Or $10 for 3. Please text thank you
  • Andy
  • Cold Lake AB
Posted: Saturday, March 18 (R)
For Sale - 50 gal fishtank w/ accessories  $ 500 obo
Includes tank, stand, decor, rocks, 2 pump filters, lightbar and 1 heater.
$500 or best offer.
Text is best. Must be able to pick up.
  • Dawn
  • 587-201-4684
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Saturday, March 18 (R)
For Sale - Rabbits  $ 20
1 1/2 yr old female lion head cross $20
Male Dutch born fall 2022 $20
No cages
  • Kayla
  • Lac La Biche
Posted: Saturday, March 18 (R)
For Sale - Mini Tank  $ 10
  • Wally
  • 780-645-5245
  • St. Paul
  • Will travel to St. Paul
Posted: Saturday, March 18 (R)