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Give away - 6 Inch long Red Tail Shark
6 Inch Red Tail Shark free to good home. Had him for about a year but my oscar is getting larger so I fear he may decide to eat the shark. This fish requires at least a 40 gallon tank.
  • Ty
  • Bonnyville
  • Will travel to Bonnyville, Cold Lake
Posted: Monday, April 23 (R)
For Sale - Dutch baby bunnies  $ 30
Will be ready the first week of May. Males and females. Blue(smoke grey) with white & black with white. From 3 different litters. All have been handled since birth, super sweet little guys with great dispositions. Please click on picture to view babies. Will be around 3 and a half to 4 and a half pounds full grown. Asking $30 each

Only blue with white males & black with white males and females available
  • Heather
  • 780-815-1880
  • Fort Kent
Posted: Monday, April 23 (R)
For Sale - 55 Gallon Fish Tank  $ 250
55 gallon fish tank
Power head
Fluval 205 filter
Aqua clear 70 filter
2 heaters
Some live plants, fluorite gravel, assasin sails, guppies
Comes with chemical and cleaning products
Python 75 foot gravel cleaner
Need light bulbs
  • Lindsay
  • 780-573-3391 text
  • Cold Lake
Posted: Sunday, April 22
For Sale - Rabbit cage  $ 40
Cage is in good condition, has indoor and outdoor areas. Nice and light to move around the yard.
  • Dylan
  • 780-207-7513
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Saturday, April 21
For Sale - 2 male Guinea pigs  $ 90
We have a pair of male guinea pigs, approximately 1.5 yrs old that we need to rehome due to severe allergy to their hay.

I will not separate them, they need to be kept together.
They will come with an older cage (to transport), an open top cage, water bottle, food dish, bedding, hay, food, toys and 2 wooden hideouts.
  • Cheryl
  • 780-547-9855
  • Cold lake
  • Will travel to Bonnyville, Cold Lake
Posted: Saturday, April 21
For Sale - 90 Gallon Aquarium  $ 1800 obo
For Sale

90 gallon Saltwater Aquarium $1800 OBO

This tank has been running for about 3 years but the livestock came from another aquarium that had been running for about 7 year. All the rocks are covered in purple coralline algae and are well covered with coral. I'm not going to lie, this aquarium is not pretty. The tank and stand are pretty standard but the side has the external protein skimmer with a hole drilled through the stand to run the hose through. I bought an old stereo stand and am using it to cover the ugly protein skimmer. Although I don't think this tanks exterior is pretty, I will assure you the livestock are breath taking. I don't want to part out with this tank just yet and will not reply to messages asking me for individual pieces. It's worth well over what I am asking but if in a few weeks still don't have a buyer for it I will start to part out then.

Hardware Included
Tank and stand - 90 gallon drilled with 70 gallon sump. Seperate stand that holds external protein skimmer
Lights - Maxspect R420R Razor Led Light Fixture - 180 Watt (paid $650)
Titanium heater
1200 HP submergible pump
EcoPlus Water Chiller - 1/4 HP
Osmosis System
50 gallon plastic holding tank and stand
Digital Water Testing kits
Kalk Reactor
MRC MR-3R Recirculating Protein Skimmer (spare)
C-SKIM 1800 Advanced protein skimmer (used currently with tank)
3 Vortech pumps (all 3 will need a new wet-side pump)

Yellow Tang
Regal Tang
Designer Clown Fish (paid $150)
Fu Man Chu Lionfish
Large Convict Blenny
Orange Seastar
Large brittle SeaStar
60 pounds of Fiji rock
Large Green Brain
Medium Elephant Ear
Large Scroll Coral (worth $300 alone)
Large Elegance Coral
6 Purple Mushrooms
8 Red Mushrooms
8 Ricordia
12 Kenya Trees
2 Devil Hands
4 Rose Tip Anemones
1 colony of Green Polips (can't remember what they are called)
7 Gorgonians (tallest is 12")
Small Leather Coral Less
  • Wendi
  • 780-545-9402
  • Cold Lake
Posted: Saturday, April 21
For Sale - 3 month old rabbits  $ 30$ each obo
Have 5, 3 month old rabbits for sale. Flemish cross with I believe cottontail. White one is spoken for, that leaves 2 black, 1 brown, And 2 grey left. Ready for new caring homes. Text if interested.
  • 780-201-2677
  • bonnyville
Posted: Saturday, April 21 (R)

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For Sale - Rabbit cage and house - REDUCED  $ 125.00
4x3 rabbit cage and a blue igloo house. Perfect for your furry friend! Asking $125 obo

Check out my other ads!
  • Daria
  • 780-815-0598
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Saturday, April 21 (R)
For Sale - baby green cheek conures  $ 400
hello, I have 3 baby green cheek conures for sale! they were born February 28th and will be ready to go the beginning of June. they sell very quickly so don't miss your chance! these are great companions and are part of the parrot family. mom and dad talk and do tricks and they are not very noisy at all! this is the third clutch mama had. They are great parents very intelligent and entertaining!! serious inquiries only! (one of the babies is rare colors! and selling it for 600)
  • kim
  • 780-815-5847
  • Cold Lake
Posted: Friday, April 20 (R)
For Sale - Young bunnies 3-6 m old and guinea pigs 2-6 m old 9 m old bantam roosters
Small bunnies - will top out at 3-4 pounds $10ea
Guinea pigs young and cute $10ea
Roosters $5
  • Elizabeth
  • 789-614-5718
  • St. Paul
Posted: Thursday, April 19 (R)
For Sale - 40 gallon tank with fish  $ 100
Fish tank with filter, heater, air pump, light just needs a new bulb.
  • Sylvie
  • 780-573-5145
  • Bonnyville
Posted: Thursday, April 19 (R)
For Sale - Bird cage  $ 30 obo
  • Catherine
  • 780-573-5233
  • Ardmore
Posted: Wednesday, April 18
For Sale - Budgies, Cage, Accessories
I have some budgies, cage and accessories for sale, call only 780-812-2180
  • Shavana Livingstone
  • 780-812-2180
  • Ardmore
Posted: Wednesday, April 18 (R)
For Sale - Pair Leopard Geckos with complete setup  $ 200.00
Complete setup. Comes with two female leopard geckos. One is 7 months old and the other is 6 years old. Comes with 50 gallon terrarium with dual night/day heat lamp, temperature/humidity gauge, sand, rocks, heated rock and food. Paid $150.00 each for the geckos alone! Excellent deal! Asking $200 OBO for all. Located in St. Paul, AB.
  • 780-689-9432
  • St. Paul
Posted: Tuesday, April 17
For Sale - Medium size dog crate  $ 40.00
Metal dog crate
  • sherry
  • 780-545-0933
  • crane lake
Posted: Tuesday, April 17
Give away - Gerbils
Males and females. Ranging from a few months too a year of age.

I have terrariums for sale that would work for them, 10 gallons. $15 each or both for $20
  • Heather
  • 780-815-1880
  • Fort Kent
Posted: Tuesday, April 17 (R)
For Sale - Beta tanks  $ 30
2 beta tanks that can be mounted to the wall or sit on a tabletop.
  • Stephanie
  • Cold Lake
Posted: Tuesday, April 17 (R)